DJ Pirkka – Kay-Dis-Ko

Ich zitiere den DJ Pirkka: “A little something I recorded just couple of days before Christmas. I guess this could be labeled as a emotionally charged yet hetero-friendly disco mix. Techno police gives a small fine for mixtakes and a macho thumbs up for selection.” Hier also die Auswahl von “hetero-friendly” Disco Musik “mixed in Finland” 🙂

  1. Moodymann: Shades of Jae (KDJ 12”) 1999
  2. Shalamar: Right in the Socket (Solar 12”) 1979
  3. Five Special: Why Leave Us Alone (Elektra LP) 1979
  4. Ron Ray: Standing in the Rain (Polydor 12”) 1978
  5. Tamiko Jones: Can’t Live Without Your Love (Polydor 12”) 1979
  6. Caroline Crawford: Coming On Strong (Underdog Edits 12”) 1978/2005
  7. Loleatta Holloway: Seconds (Salsoul 12”) 1982
  8. Steve Shelto: Don’t Give Your Love Away (Sam 12”) 1983
  9. Lowrell Simon: Love Massage (Zoo York 12”) 1981
  10. Joe Thomas: Plato’s Retreat (T.K. Disco 12”) 1978
  11. Patrick Juvet: I Love America [Weapon re-edit] (Casablanca LP) 1978
  12. King Harrison: Well, Have A Nice Day (School Yard Breaks 12”) 1977/2005
  13. Record Player: Free Your Mind (Soul Cal 12”) 1979/2005
  14. Loose Joints: Tell You (Today) (4th Brodway 12”) 1983
  15. Voyage: Follow The Brightest Star (Friends 12”) 1982

Diesen wirklich netten Mix gibt es auf der Website Mix of the week herunterzuladen.

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